Psychology and the Moving Image International (PAMII)


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Psychology and the Moving Image International (PAMII) has 18 registered members
Eric Greene
Eric (Ph D) is a clinical psychologist residing in Los Angeles, CA. He chairs the division of mental health for the Popular Culture Association. His interests include: depth psychology, philosophy, critical theory, film and photography.
Joanna N. Dovalis
Joanna N. Dovalis, Ph.D., is a Marriage, Family Therapist in private practice in southern California. Joanna has a passion for film and, using her experience as a psychotherapist, interprets films from a depth psychological lens.
Helena Bassil-Morozow
Helena Bassil-Morozow (PhD) is a cultural philosopher, film scholar and academic writer with many publications on film. She lectures in Film and Media Studies at the Univ. of Bedfordshire, and Psychoanalysis and Film at Goldsmiths, Univ. of London.
John Beebe
Dr John Beebe has spearheaded a Jungian typological approach to the analysis of film. In his over 150 publications, he has often used psychological type and archetype to explore developments in the cultural and political unconscious.
Steven Conway
Steven Conway (PhD) is a convenor and lecturer of the Games and Interactivity course at Swinburne University of Technology.
Judith Cooper
Dr. Judith Cooper is a clinical psychologist and diplomate Jungian Analyst in private practice in Chicago. She teaches in the Institute's Analyst Training Program and lectures widely on the clinical use of film.
Nadi Fadina
Nadi Fadina is a media entrepreneur and a managing partner in an international film fund. She has been involved in a variety of arts and media related projects, both in profit and non-profit spheres. Nadi holds a Master's degree in International Cinema.
Christopher Hauke
Christopher Hauke is a Jungian analyst in private practice in London, a senior lecturer in psychoanalytic studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, a writer and a filmmaker.
Luke Hockley
Luke Hockley (PhD) is Professor of Media Analysis at the University of Bedfordshire. His research explores the links between psychotherapy and psychoanalytic film and media theory. He has authored and edited numerous books.
Lucy Huskinson
Lucy Huskinson (PhD) Senior Lecturer School of Philosophy and Religion, Bangor University. Her research interests are in the way films and television inadvertently employ psychodynamic techniques within their narrative.
John Izod
John Izod is Emeritus Professor of Screen Analysis in Communications, Media and Culture at the University of Stirling. He was formerly Head of Department and Dean of the Faculty of Arts. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.
Catriona Miller
Catriona Miller (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Media at Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland). She lectures and researches on screen theory and represenations, with a special interest in gender.
Mark Nicholls
Mark Nicholls (PhD) is Senior Lecturer in Cinema Studies at the University of Melbourne where he has taught film since 1993. Mark is a film journalist, has an extensive list of stage credits as a playwright, performer, producer and director.
Susan Rowland
Susan Rowland (PhD) is Chair of MA Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA where students investigate creative processes and the nature of psyche and 'image'.
Greg Singh
Greg Singh (PhD) is Programme Director for Digital Media at the Division of Communications, Media and Culture at the University of Stirling. Greg is interested in modes of identity and senses of self in social media interaction and always-on culture.
Glen Slater
Glen Slater, Ph.D., has studied and trained in religious studies and clinical psychology. For the past 16 years he has taught Jungian and archetypal psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where he is core faculty in the depth psychology programs.
Luke Swan
My interest is in film history and archetypal imagery.
Terrie Waddell
Terrie Waddell (PhD) is an Associate Professor of Media: Screen and Sound at La Trobe University (Australia). She lectures and researches on the relationship between screen media, literature, gender, popular culture and psychology.


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