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Catriona Miller

Catriona Miller
Catriona Miller
Catriona Miller

Catriona Miller (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Media at Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland). She lectures and researches on screen theory and represenations, with a special interest in gender. ?Recent publications include ?You Can?t Escape: Inside and Outside the Slasher Movie? in IJJS Volume 6.2, May 2014.


Forthcoming in 2015 ‘Finding the Golden Egg: Illusions of Happiness in an age of Consumer Capitalism' in The Happiness Illusion: how the media sold us a fairytale,  Routledge

2014 ‘You Can’t Escape: Inside and Outside the Slasher Movie’ in International Journal of Jungian Studies Volume 6.2, May 2014

2013 ‘Werner Herzog’s Wheel of Time’ in Spring: Buddhism and Depth Psychology, Volume 89, pp169-176

2011  ‘Twilight, Discourse Theory & Jung’ in Jung and Film 2 Editors Christopher Hauke & Luke Hockley, Routledge, UK

2011 ‘I Feel Like a Failure’: Feminism & House, in House: The Wounded Healer on Television Editors Luke Hockley and Leslie Gardner, Routledge, UK.

2009 ‘Dracula was a Woman’ in Halloween Editors Hugh O’Donnell & Malcolm Foley, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK

2008 ‘I Just Want to be Normal Again’ – in Investigating Charmed Editors Karin & Stan Beeler published by I B Tauris, London

2006 ‘Mutually Mutating: A Review of Grizzly Man’ in Spring: Psyche and Nature, Volume 75, pp311-319

2005  ‘Apocalypse Now, Or Then?’ British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker’s Guide.  Editors John Cook and Peter Wright, I B Tauris, London


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