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Eric Greene

Eric Greene
Eric Greene
Eric Greene

Eric earned his BA in philosophy from Clark University, his MA in clinical psychology from Chestnut Hill College, and his Ph D in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

He has over 10 years of experience as a mental health clinician. Starting in 2004, Eric began his career in an HIV/AIDS clinic as a counselor. Since then, he has worked in a hospice center, college counseling centers, juvenile detention center, community clinics, intensive outpatient psychiatric clinics and private practice. Further, he worked for the Philemon Foundation as an executive assistant during its formation from 2004-2008.

His interests include: depth psychology, critical theory, philosophy, film and photography. He is also the chair of the division of mental health of the Popular Culture Association. 




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Papers, Presentations, Workshops

            Greene, E. (2014). Creativity and Education. Harvard School of Education (Project Zero) and the Sam Francis Foundation work-shop. Creativity and Education. Los Angeles, CA. November, 7, 2014.    

            Greene, E. (2014). Radical re-imagining: soul and society. Paper presented at the Humboldt State conference: The Beloved Community Envisions Beyond the Bio-Medical Model. Arcata, CA, September, 2014.

            Greene, E. (2014). The end of psychology? Living in post-psychological times. Paper presented at the American Psychological Association annual conference. Washington, D.C., August, 2014.

            Greene, E. (2014). The love and violence in the mental health system. Paper presented at Brown University at a symposium on Decisions for the Clinic in Crisis. Providence, R.I., May, 2014.

            Greene, E. (2014). Restoring dignity in post-psychological times. Paper presented at the Society for Humanistic Psychology’s Annual Conference, Sophia University, Palo Alto, CA, March, 2014.

            Greene, E. (2010). Dreams and the bible: a psychological interpretation of clinical dreams and their relationship to stories from the bible. Paper presented over a three part series at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, PA. September, 2010.

             Greene, E. (2010). Dreams and dreaming: a psychological interpretation of clinical dreams and their relationship to stories from the bible, mythology, fairy tales and film. Paper presented to the Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA, September, 2010.



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