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Lucy Huskinson

Lucy Huskinson
Lucy Huskinson
Lucy Huskinson

Lucy Huskinson (PhD) is Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of School of the School of Philosophy and Religion at Bangor University, UK. Her research interests are principally in psychoanalytic studies (Freudian and Jungian Psychology, and Object Relations).

Her interest in film and television is likewise from perspectives of psychoanalysis and philosophy, in particular how film and television inadvertently employ psychodynamic techniques within their narrative.


Her research in the area of psychology and moving image has led to the publication of the following.

· Eavesdropping: the psychotherapist in film and television (co-edited with Terrie Waddell; Routledge 2015), including the chapter, ‘Challenging Freud on the realities of erotic transference with fictional case study: The Sopranos 9199-2007) and In Treatment 92008-2010).

· ‘Anatomy of genius: inspiration through banality and boring people’ in Hockley and Gardner (2011) House. The Wounded Healer on Television. Jungian and post-Jungian Reflections, Routledge, pp.75-100.

Lucy is co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Jungian Studies, and author of several books, edited volumes and journal articles. These include: Nietzsche and Jung: the whole self in the union of opposites (Routledge 2004); Introduction to Nietzsche (SPCK 2010); Dreaming The Myth Onwards: new directions in Jungian therapy and thought (Routledge 2009); Spirit Possession and Trance: New interdisciplinary perspectives (Continuum 2010); Analytical Psychology in a Changing World: the search for self, identity and community.


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